Honda Shadow Spirit 750 VTX Rim Mod

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This mod takes a wider 52 spoke rim from a Honda VTX 1800 and re-lace it to the stock Shadow Spirit Hub to allow for a wider tire on the rear.

Here are some pictures of this mod so far, more to come as it progresses

Side view after VTX 4.5 rim with 200/70/15 Metz tire

Side view before the VTX mod

Rear view after VTX mod

Here are the rest of the pics I took during the process of this mod...

This is the VTX rim on the left, the stock rim on the right

This is the Metz 200/70/15 tire on the left, the 160/80/15 on the right

This is the stock hub ready for relacing

Relaced hub on the VTX 4.5 inch rim

Here is the VTX rim with Metz 200/70/15 (left) and Stock rims with 160/70/15 (right) mounted

This is the VTX rim with Metz 200/70/15 on the bike

Here is the Stock rim with 160/70/15 on the bike

I also modified the subframe under the rear fender to allow for more clearance, especially on the left side of the bike...

This is the unmodified subframe

This is it after I chopped the rear portion off, from behind the second bolt hole...

This pic shows the grinding I had to do on the left side

This last pic shows the grinding on both sides

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